Community Wealth Recycling

The African diaspora will not reach its true potential if we do not invest in the development of industries that help employ our peoples. While we as a peoples struggle with conflicting priorities such as systemic racism, apathy and inaction amongst ourselves. Data persistently demonstrates that communities that invest in education, science, and technology break the cycle of poverty and dependence. Our continued dependence on non-African cultures to service our community needs has proven to be problematic and self-defeating - the cycle must be broken.

Our mission is to begin the process of identifying industry sectors we need to establish that will strengthen our community, create employment opportunities, and recirculate wealth within the community that will help ensure our children have the opportunities to take full advantage of their talents..

Our ask is that you join us on this journey and complete the form below to provide us information on your skills and area of interest. Once we have collected this information, we will begin the process of reaching out to you and others to setup secure group web sessions to discuss how to move forward to create viable, sustainable enterprises in these targeted areas..

If we are going to be masters of our destiny, we must be masters of the ideas that influence that destiny - John Henrik Clarke